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Karya Consultants

Permanent Hiring

Success Mantra

Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth.


n any organisation, the depth of expertise of the staff is dictated by prior experience and a sophisticated understanding of processes that bolster and sustain long-term growth. It is important that you find professionals who can learn and develop as a part of your company.  Permanent staffing is more than just finding a suitable candidate for a role, it’s also about envisioning how this person could become an asset to your business over time.


The challenge that companies face today is the competitive nature of hiring processes. There is an imbalance between the availability of talent and its requirement. With the race for suitable candidates growing more complicated than ever, it is essential to have reliable services at hand. At Karya, the driving force for our permanent hiring solutions is our belief that time reinforces excellence. We look for candidates who understand this principle, use it to their strength and have the knack for converting their everyday experience into conspicuous results.


Identifying the right talent for your business is what we do.


Karya provides comprehensive recruitment solutions that cater to various requirements. We have the resources that you need to find talent in the most efficient possible manner. Our hiring strategy adapts to fit both niche and bulk recruitment. 


Through us, you additionally gain access to a network of professionals with knowledge of different business verticals in all stages of their careers who can jump on board an ongoing project. We strive to bridge the gap between your expectations and those of the professionals looking to join an apt team.


We go exceptional lengths to hire the best people for you.​​

We take end-to-end responsibility to locate suitable candidates for your company’s requirements through every discipline and professional field. This starts with an in-depth study of your business, its goals, needs and culture to lay out the key areas of expertise and personal qualities that you seek from a prospective candidate. We then hand these over to our in-house recruitment experts to carve out clear-cut role requirements. 


The team then scans through prospective employees from our expansive database of over a million aspirants with our AI/ML-enabled screening recruitment management system to shortlist talent. This is followed by an iterative assessment process of the candidates that helps us bring the best to you.  Once your employees are selected, we take care of the onboarding process too.



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