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Hiring for Startups

Success Mantra

Choose the first ten employees with care as they determine the next hundred.

Start-ups expand rapidly and have dynamic hiring requirements. As a founder, you expect each person added to your team to bring more to the table than an average employee does. We understand that strategic hiring for start-ups is crucial because every recruit can change the company’s fundamental DNA and the way it functions.

Each new hire impacts every process, from bringing a new idea to product development and beyond. The organisation’s culture and capabilities are dictated by every single employee in a start-up and team morale reflects this. 


The quality of work done and the targets that can be achieved are dependent on what each team member contributes.


Working with a start-up isn’t for everyone.

The biggest contributor to the growth of a start-up after funding is hiring. Having the right people working in the right role is important when their levels of innovation and contribution to the company help it prosper. Making this happen at the right time is critical for you as a founder.

In today’s dynamic recruitment scenario, a company’s brand perception attracts candidates. Your start-up’s image as an employer plays a massive role in getting the right kind of prospective employees and creating this link is our responsibility.

our focus

We go to exceptional lengths to hire the best people for you.

Karya is here for you! We at Karya have worked closely with many companies in the past. We understand that you need employees who can create substantial leverage, to build and grow a successful start-up. Our specialised team is here to develop your company’s brand awareness and attract the go-getters that you need on your side. 

Our team engages with a targeted talent community and works to create a talent pool that aligns with the long-term objectives of a start-up. We find individuals who can bring creativity and expertise to a start-up environment. 


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